An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Someone up there's having a laugh...

Well today brought a couple of new surprises....David has a Strep throat and I have a UTI.   2023....the gift that just keep on giving! 

We were in the car and on the way to the hospital just before 9am as wanted to speak to Alan's consultant.  D had phoned the health centre because of his sore throat and a GP called him back when we were in the car.  D described his symptoms - excruciating sore throat that is bright red with white spots, agony when swallowing and banging headache.  Covid test was negative.  GP prescribed antibiotics, which we collected on our way back from hospital.

Because of his throat, David stayed outside the ward.  I sat with Alan for a couple of hours till it was time for me to head to the Woman's Health Clinic in a different part of the hospital for another (oh joy) hysteroscopy.

While I was away, David spoke to Alan's consultant.  He is pleased with his progress but agrees with us that he's not quite ready to come home.  Oxygen has been lowered to 2 and his stats are holding steady.  Yesterday’s blood test showed infection levels still very low so that is great.  D mentioned that Alan's mouth is still causing him pain, even though the ulcers are getting better.  Doc thinks he might have thrush in his mouth because of all the antibiotics, or could have Strep (there's a high chance D caught it from Alan) so they were going to try and have a look in his mouth at some point today.  Not heard how that went.  

D said we were concerned that despite getting better, Alan seems so flat.  Doc said he thinks that will be the diazepam he’s been getting to settle him.  That makes complete sense.  It was originally given to him so he would relax enough to let the physio suction him but he’s more tolerant of that now, plus he hardly needs to be suctioned, so the diazepam can be stopped. I am sure the Alan we know and love will emerge from the wee zombie he currently is now he's not being drugged! 

The saline nebulisers are still helping to soften his catarrh making it easier for him to expel so think he will be in for a few days yet so he can continue to have them and benefit from the physios, who are excellent.  Probably looking at discharge Thursday or Friday.

After my hysteroscopy the lovely nurses gave me a very welcome cup of tea and some chocolate digestives.  David picked me up and we headed home (stopping to collect his antibiotics on the way)  After some lunch I fell asleep and slept till 6pm!  David didn't go back to the hospital as he can't go into the ward till he's had four antibiotics, so that will be tomorrow.  

Report from Blake this evening says that Alan is much more alert and more like himself, so seems the diazepam was the culprit.  His mouth is still bothering him so he's had extra painkillers.  Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow :-)

The three of us are certainly getting our money's worth from the NHS this week! 

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