An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mutual admiration society...

We had a leisurely start to the day.  Some more than others me.

More chat over a cooked breakfast then LeeAnne headed home.  Not before checking in with Alan who is always happy to see her.  They do have a bit of a special bond :-)

David headed out to the moor with Lola and poor Peter could avoid it no Lightroom problems!

The first issue I had involved an upgrade of my Silver Effex software.  I've been trying to fix it for two weeks.  I ranted on as I fired up the lap top and opened Lightroom, but when I clicked on the software it worked fine!  Typical.  The other issue involved the change of year and where Lightroom was storing my photos on my laptop.  I had tried to fix that problem too but not very successfully.  Once Peter had figured out what I had done and deleted it all, he soon had it sorted and updated so it will automatically put my photos in the right place until 2025.  Thank you Peter!  :D 

Home made chicken curry for dinner then more blethers and tv before it was time for Peter to head home with a wee doggy bag of left over curry.

A lovely birthday weekend.

So great to see you P and thank you for all your help and my birthday gifts. Definitely won't be so long till we see you again. And you LeeAnne, thanks for coming and making my and Peter’s birthday celebrations extra special. Thank you also for my fab gifts :-)) x

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