By Mrsmacdub


Today was slightly cooler and as we were having breakfast there was a very heavy shower of rain.  Fortunately it eased off and by the time we were due to start our Tuesday morning walk the sun was shining.  After the walk we had coffee and a chat before heading home.  I had time for a spot of admin before a light lunch, then onto the bus to my Pilates class, which was excellent.  After I arrived home we had coffee, then I did some more admin before we set off to Auckland Joggers.  We had a good walk and didn’t get soaked as the rain held off, then our little group had dinner together before going home.  I was rather pleased to be given a bunch of rhubarb, which I love.  It will get chopped up and cooked tomorrow.

There are two quite different photos in today’s blip.  The top photo shows today’s choppy sea, quite different to the calm of yesterday. The bottom photo was one I snapped quickly as we walked tonight.  The house looks derelict and almost like something the Addams Family might live in.

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