Into a Winter Wonderland / White as Snow

The storm system that moved in on Sunday left us with a beautiful, fluffy, white coating of snow on Monday morning. I gave it an hour or two for the storm to play itself out some. Then I went for my walk, up Tow Hill.

It was still snowing and I was under my pink umbrella, with my tunes box. I had my camera and I was ready to take snow pictures! So I wandered up and down the hill, snapping away on my camera. It was as lovely a snow as I ever did see!

There had not been any wind or melting yet, and the white stuff clung to every twig and bush and every branch of every tree. This is the kind of morning beauty that just does not last! (By the afternoon, all of the snow was gone from the trees.)

I took nearly 200 photos of this beautiful winter wonderland, and here are two of my favorites. Above is a picture looking straight up Tow Hill into the snow. In the extras is a scene near the top: trees and a fence, blasted by frigid whiteness. Please enjoy these snow shots and know what fun I had taking them, on a beautiful wintry morning in central Pennsylvania, amid the gently falling snow.

I've got two snow shots for this day, but rest assured there will be more of them coming, for we're expecting 3 to 6 inches of snow on Wednesday!!! Here are my songs for these two photos: Pentatonix, with White Winter Hymnal (bonus: the Fleet Foxes original); and U2, with White as Snow.

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