By Kentboy


Yesterday I posted about sheep and thanks for comment, stars and favourites.  To day is another sheep, but one that is healthy enough to stay outside.  It is not out on the Fells, but in the lower pastures near Seathwaite.  I recently took this one because it appears the ewe is surveying the countryside and there is a rock as well.  I am trying to get a sheep on a rock; on its front knees eating and cows in a river (a summertime shot.)  Three challenges to find.  I decided on black and white as it looked better than in colour.
No rain or snow, but chilly and cloudy.  A day to wrap up warm. I think this is a Scottish Blackface ewe as it has a small white triangle above the nose.  The Rough Fell breed has a larger white triangle reaching to the eyes.
By the way I have now got more hearts to share with you.

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