By JohnW

Frosty Morning

The purpose of the shot(s) was a frosty misty morning, but the frost hardly shows, and what happened to the mist?  It’s not as if I had the baby camera set to ‘All to B*****y’, it was just on ‘P’ (with my default setting of 500 ASA – you can adjust the settings for something thought about when you have time but ‘P’ is there for a quick shot).
Painful Biskit walking today.  My ankle from last week decided to play up today, along with my second from little toe on the other foot.  I think I broke the little toe a year or so ago and it doesn’t seem to be healing.  I thought it was arthritis until I found it wobbled when putting my socks on a week or two back.  (Mental note – have a chat with the doctor . . . )

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