A moment in time

By Skyegirl

Spring flowers in the wintertime

We had to stay home today as we were expecting a delivery. I had a local walk while Bob stayed home, and then I stayed home while he went for a haircut.  We were free to go out at 3pm though and managed a trip to the Range as I needed some things there.

 I worked on my Blip year book and finished it, and found a discount code which gave me a good price, so I have ordered it now.

I saw daffodils in M&S on Saturday, £1 a bunch, but I bought mine in Lidl for 85p..... a bargain I thought.  They were very tight, but by Sunday morning they were opening up.  And when Cali came to dinner on Sunday she brought me some tulips, the first this year.  I combined the two, and I rather liked the effect.

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