By strawhouse


I’ve been to Milton Keynes twice today - seeing a beautiful frosty sunrise and a beautiful frosty sunset. And to Banbury and back - seeing lots of beautiful frosty Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire countryside. But the only photo I’ve got to show for it is the offcuts in Carpetright!
I have a few even less exciting close ups and photos of price labels.
Mr K had to go to the office in London today. Much to his disgust.  I did point out that two or three times since lockdown didn’t seem unreasonable! I dropped him off just before 7am so I can see why he’s not keen on a regular commute.
Then it was to Banbury to meet my mum and Mr M at Second Time Around
When Dom was at school he had the loveliest friend - Mr N. They more or less lived at each other's houses and even when they left school they travelled together and were counsellors at Camp America together. Both gentle giants.
They sadly lost touch after Dom's stroke. After Dom died mum asked me to see if I could find Mr N. I tracked him down to an antiques and restoration emporium in Banbury.
Mum got in touch and although it's bittersweet that it's under such circumstances, it's lovely to have him in our lives again.
His place is so special. As well as selling beautiful things it offers training and volunteering opportunities for adults with learning disabilities. Furniture restoration, customer service, IT. We met Mr H and Mr A today and they clearly love their work and are rightly proud of it. Just brilliant! When they did Camp America Mr N and Dom chose one for kids with special needs and it's a joy to see that Mr N never lost that desire to include everyone and make the world a little bit better. I'm certain Dom would have done the same if life had turned out differently and hadn't stopped him before he got going.
After tea and biscuits, browsing and chatting we headed off. To Carpetright and M&S before home.
Just time for a bit more tea then it was back to Milton Keynes with Miss L to pick up Mr K and go to a different Carpetright for Miss L to look at options for her room. Then Homebase to get some paint samples. 
We do like paint samples!!
She's giddy that we're getting round to her room finally.
Home for dinner and Winterwatch which we're loving.

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