By strawhouse


Mr C asked if I could swap my morning in the shop for the afternoon so I had time to walk Archie before work this morning. It’s so much better taking him when it’s frosty rather than knee deep mud everywhere.
It was proper disorientating getting to the shop at lunchtime. I had jet lag all day and couldn’t make sense of the clock and was surprised when it got dark!
I got the grade for my last assignment - 73% whoop whoop!!!! I was so pleased as I’d convinced myself it was a bit rubbish. It was so squeezed in and rushed in the crazy busy weeks before Christmas that I felt like I didn’t do it justice. But that’s my joint highest mark so far. Just the dissertation now for the next few months and I’ve got my Masters. It’s flown by!!
Miss E and Miss L both popped in to see me on their way home. Miss L bought me sweets and took my parcels to the post office for me. They’re ace!!
Early to bed tonight as I have to take Mr K to the station at the crack of dawn.
I asked him couldn’t he just hitch but he seemed to think I was joking!!!

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