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By Julez

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Almost finished now actually! I'm thoroughly enjoying this book, bought for me for Christmas by Jeri. I've always had an interest in folk tales and mythology, probably sparked by my Granny who would tell me the folk tales she had heard growing up. She never learnt to read or write, attended school for one day and decided it was not for her, but boy, could she tell a story!

I can thoroughly recommend this if you want to know the origins behind stories behind the likes of Stonehenge, King Arthur, and the history of how these islands developed. There are kings and queens, goddesses and demons, battles, romance, giants and more besides. Many of the monuments and landmarks we know and love are featured. It is beautifully illustrated by the author herself with linocut prints.

Anyhoo...I've been to my Dad's today - he picked me up from home so we could go and pay the eye-watering balance outstanding for his new armchairs, which will finally be delivered next week. On Saturday and Monday I will have to do a bit of clearing out in his front room so that there is space to put them!

I don't know where all the clutter comes from! He had that major declutter done by professionals last year. If they do ever get back to him about having a regular cleaner it will probably need to be done again! He just likes "stuff" and does not like to get rid of anything!

There was not time for that today though as once we had finished in the furniture shop he wanted to go shopping in Lidl. He spent another fortune there but is now well stocked up for a good while. After all that, by the time we arrived back at his, put all the groceries away and I'd made his lunch and washed up it was time for me to catch the train back home again.

I was without a Blip at that point, and it was very dull and raining. So I got the light-box out and took this! I've added an extra of my assistant checking the light-box. Like most cats, he's not found a box yet that he doesn't like!

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