over the mountain range

i was just about - to post when i - glanced up and saw - this wondrous sight - outside my living room - window and gasped - i thought ‘that looks - like the northern lights’

and as i grabbed - my phone, it being - nearest to me, - the colors splashed across - the sky were already - beginning to dissipate - and i only managed - to capture a few - shots of this most - incredible view which - abba has painted - in colorful abandon - bold and striking - above the mountain tops - for us to gape at - it’s yet another - reminder of our great - creator establishing himself - as the true artist - who was and is - and will always be

the one who holds - all things together - for us and yet - even on a string - of overcast gray days - will break through clouds - to cheer us - with brilliant color - to put a smile - on our face - joy in our hearts - and remind us - we can forever have…


happy day.....

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