simple moments

By simplemoments

the backside…

…of marilyn

a gently white

amaryllis flower

how often do you - pay attention to that - ‘other’ side of the flower - you know the one - the backside, the flipside - some might even - call it the - ugly side but - i would beg to differ

i believe all parts - of the flower - are beautiful in and of - themselves and shouldn’t - ever be taken - for granted or ignored - we need to pay - attention to every - inch of nature - yet so often - we only look - and admire the bloom - the opening bud - that gorgeous blossom - not that i’m saying - there’s anything wrong - with that; it’s just that - i feel as though - we’re missing out on - a whole other - experience by not focusing - on that other side

so i decided - to show it - off for us - starting with marilyn’s backside - because she’s got this glorious - green striation running - through her gleaming and creamy - white lusciousness of a bloom - the green so totally - offsets her white - i can’t fathom it - getting any better - than that which is - why it makes it…


happy day.....

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