By JeanSnaps

At Riverside Park.

A lovely sunny day and still mild.  Three crocuses had appeared. Pencil thin and not open but a cheering sight.  Had a leisurely breakfast and struggled with my jigsaw.  I've done just over two thirds of it and the remaining third is mostly black with very subtle differences. A challenge to say the least and progress is slow.  Eventually went off to shop. The intention was to explore Leven's Sainsbury's then go along to Ardross farm shop  between Elie and St Monans.  However I was nearly out of petrol so went to Glenrothes to fill the tank. Chatted to the woman at the till. She was having a rant at the people who don't know which pump they were at and give her the wrong number.  Since I was in Glenrothes went along to Marks. The till woman there was equally chatty. She's got a cough that she's had for ten weeks and can't get rid of. Antibiotics haven't helped and she's wearing a mask to be on the safe side. M&S was a good decision as I got everything I needed including some reduced price scallops which are tonight's dinner.  Afterwards I went to Riverside Park to see if any snowdrops were out and they were.  Didn't have to go far and just as well.  My knee is still pretty painful so the remainder of the day was spent on the sofa with a book.

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