Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Weird but wonderful

A busy day, packed with lots of little chores including a major shop for essentials. Nolan's in Clontarf has become my supermarket of choice since they completed their major expansion project. Nolan's also control a café and a hardware store in the same complex, and I had a hardware need anyway. Among other items that I didn't know I needed, I came away with what I thought was just a new brand of chocolate bar. It was indeed that, but it turned out to have a highly original take on how chunks of the bar are broken off. When I unwrapped it and saw it I though there was no way those strangely shaped chunks would snap off cleanly. Actually, so far so good. More importantly, the chocolate is GORgeous.

Come evening it was time to head in to town to meet a friend of ours for a few drinks. We'd agreed to meet in the Lincoln's Inn, but it was packed and far too noisy. We tried the nearby Kennedy's on Pearse Street instead but no group of three seats was free. Where now, then? Aha! The bar in The Davenport, that's where. Ah, peace and quiet … We spent a pleasant evening with Richard, reminiscing and solving worldly problems (the reinstatement of Donald Trump's Facebook account was not considered a good thing).

Extras: On a visit to the loo I was impressed with the decor, especially the ornate mirror. More smile-inducing was the message on the top of the urinals.

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