By Pinkhairedlady

Trapped (not really)

Slept reasonably well considering I’d been mostly horizontal yesterday. A rather fraught walk round the stream juggling 2 leads but we managed.

Fancied a bacon sandwich for breakfast (I must be better and it’s true I only have a tiny nagging headache) and had two wee faces looking hopefully up at me watching every bite.

Nipped out to the supermarket to stock up, planning a fish pie for dinner. Blipping early so I can get on with a few essential household chores.

Trying to post this blip with Scoobs balanced on my knee is a little tricky so it had to be my blip.

Apologies to the 45 lovely blippers who took part in this weeks TinyTuesday challenge for the delay in posting results.

Hope you enjoy looking at the entries I’ve chosen to single out.

Hearts are awarded to:
craftylady - 4 very detailed thimbles -
carolinav - clusters of flowers -
lisa24270 - a hundred Lego pieces -
JohnH - 4 candles or is that fork handles? -
Chris_P - winter jasmine -

Honourable mentions are awarded to:
Crispin25 - unusual cuff link -
davidc - 10 tiny fingers, very precious -
dollydoug - football collectible cards -
johndeere - tiny dollhouse figures -
isbi - beautiful butterfly -

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