The Next Chapter!

By carol_dunham

Mill Pond

One shattered Gan today…I thought I was doing well last night when he flaked out just after 7 and was tucked up in bed by 7.30pm. Unfortunately he must have had a dream/nightmare and woke just after midnight…it was probably gone 2am before we got lights out again with him tucked tightly beside me leaving me about a foot of bed! He was up again about 6.30…full of cold again which probably accounts for yesterdays grumps. It was a long morning until Daddy picked him up!

I did contemplate going back to bed once he’d gone but decided to dress and tidy up behind him. Also managed to start clearing the little bedroom ready for a bed being delivered this week. A relaxed afternoon…a bit of tv followed by a nap before taking a late afternoon stroll along the prom. The North Sea was like a mill pond as the tide was coming in…it was very quiet with just a gentle crash of waves on the shore.

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