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My post


This is my post at parkrun. I stand behind it for an hour or so giving out bits of numbered plastic.

I’ve gone and said I’ll run it next week.


Speaking of stupid decisions, I signed up to this yesterday.*


I missed Death in Paradise, a harmless whodunnit, last night, so I watched it this afternoon. Despite Mr Perkins trying to stop me seeing important clues (see extra), I actually worked out who done it.


A member of my writing group writes pantomimes; his latest is showing in Little Downham this weekend. I’m afraid the tickets are sold out, so you’re going to have to miss it.

We went to see it this evening (see extra); two other members came with their respective spouses as well.

A youth group was performing it; most of the children weren’t brave enough to project well enough, but one boy, who played Gary, gave it everything. He rather stole the show – especially when his wig fell off. He garnered quite the fan club.

* JaneW: note your second comment. Now’s the time!

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