By pandammonium

Haricot beans

The thing with using dried beans over tinned beans is that you can add flavour to dried beans when you cook them. If you’ve ever watched Masterchef, then imagine Gregg Wallace droning on about ‘adding flavour’ to food.

Dried beans take less than an hour in a pressure cooker, and any toxins are rendered safe as if they’d been boiled for ten minutes.

These haricot beans were flavoured with herbs, paprika, mustard and garlic, ready to be put into the sausage casserole I was prepping for tea another night.

While I was up to my eyes in sausage casserole, I got a notification from an app for that that the International Space Station (ISS) would soon reach its closest point overhead. I had one minute’s notice, so I didn’t have time to go and fetch Mr Pandammonium.

I grabbed my phone and rushed out, pointing the phone at the sky where the little arrow in the app for that told me to. I found it and looked at the real sky there. There was a bright white light moving across the sky. It looked like it was going slowly, but that was deceptive.

I took a really bad photo (see extra), then went to tell Mr Pandammonium. Alas, by the time he came out, the light had gone, and the app for that said the ISS was behind some buildings and would soon vanish over the horizon.

I wonder if there’s a setting in the app for that to give me more notice.

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