Recipe ideas

Thank you for all the well wishes over the last couple of days. I haven’t the energy to reply individually. I did wonder if anyone would wonder whether I was referring to myself or Mr Perkins – to be fair, it could be either; in truth was a little of both ;)

Today, I felt better, although my eye is troublesome. I went to Tesco in the afternoon, where I found more painkillers than the last time I looked, and popped a couple in the car park after loading up the boot with the week’s shopping.

When I got home, my head was banging, my eye was most troublesome and I was knackered. Mr Pandammonium sent me back to bed.

I sometimes use the ingredients list of packets and jars to concoct my own version of what’s in the packet. I have to take a photo so I remember all the things (except the non-vegan things). This one is for a sausage casserole.

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