By pandammonium


My watch said it was -7 °C this morning. It warmed up a bit during the day, but by the time running group was to meet, it was -2 °C. I did not fancy it one bit.

I wore my parkrun coat there, along with my Buff hood and my glove-mittens. I left the coat in one run leader’s car. I’ve never run with a hat – other than a Santa hat – or gloves on before. I did appreciate them, although I was glad I could put the hood down and open my mittens to reveal my fingers to cool off.

It was a good run with lots of chat. The latest developments in The Traitors must’ve carried us for nearly a kilometre. Oh, the twists and turns! I love it.

It was a joy to put my parkrun coat back on. It’s so cosy. I don’t think they made very many. The link I sent Santa now gives a 404 not found error. I am such a lucky bunny!

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