By FotoAlex

Multnomah Falls

Backblip 3/7

My mom is at home 99% of the time. Since I was visited, I decided to take her out a bit. Get her some fresh air, let her see some sights, stretch her legs. We went to this beautiful waterfall about an hour and a half away from her house. I hope my pictures can try to do it justice. See more in extras.

Mom's doing decent. She's better than I was hoping, though her memory problem is really bad. Everything is in the moment. She has no short-term memory. Long-term is still good, and she is able to commit some shorter-term things to long-term memory, but it's a struggle.

I bought her an iPad to keep in touch with friends and family. I really hope she's able to use it. I tried teaching her over the last two days, and now I have my doubts. But her brother is there every day to give her her medicines, so maybe he can help.

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