By FotoAlex

Jantzen Beach

Backblip 5/7

I got lunch with another old friend/former co-worker. We worked in the same office at my last job. She moved to Portland a couple of years ago. We ate at a place with around a dozen food trucks. I grabbed ramen from a noodle truck and got a wonderful cookie from a cookie truck. It was great.

Afterward, I decided to visit Jantzen Beach, which was home to an amusement park from 1928 to 1969. Sadly, there are no remnants of it any more. It's a shopping complex. I didn't even see a sign or a plaque. But I did get to stand on the exact location of the big roller coaster. I then walked partway across the bridge to Washington state.

Waze took me into Washington for about 8 miles (13 km). Does that count as visiting Washington? If so, that's a new state for me.

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