By FotoAlex

Coffee shop

Backblip 6/7

I've discovered a nice coffee shop in downtown McMinnville called Union Block Coffee. I've gone twice so far. I get a caramel latte and a peanut butter bar. Both are delicious.

I also found a great taco place called Jose's Taquería. It's authentic Mexican-style tacos. I've gotten that three times! I got it tonight with my mom, uncle and aunt.

I've been taking my moms cans and bottles to get her rebates. In Oregon (and a few other states), you can get 10 cents per bottle/can to recycle. My mom had stacks of bags in her garage. There's a limit of 144 bottles/cans per store per day. I had to visit around 10 stores over three days because I kept hitting the limits. It was gross, but I did clear out that part of her garage and got her maybe $90 back.

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