Strava Day 606.

T won first place in yesterday's District Science contest, qualifying him to be part of the team who will be travelling to Calabanga (a town, a couple plus hours from ours) for the Division level competition this Thursday. 
In our area, it's still non-stop rain (my father has not cycled for days and is instead working with A (house painter) in our library's reconstruction. Hopefully, it is sunny in Calabanga tomorrow. 

Was able to successfully reactivate my voting record with the COMELEC. Slight issue with finding my previous record after _______ years of not voting. Apparently, in their previous record, had B's last name. Requested to use what I have in all my valid ids to lessen confusion. After a couple of hours and some consultations, changing the last name on their record took less than five minutes. 

Was hesitant to proceed with going to COMELEC (in our municipal hall) because of shooting pain in the lower right side of my mouth/teeth however had to endure it temporarily. Visited one of the dentists and was referred to get a panoramic X-ray in another dental clinic. After checking my teeth and perusal of the x-ray, was informed that most probably the throbbing was caused by previous surgeries (impacted tooth extraction). Dentist says it happens even after some years passed after the surgery. 

Featured photo is a snapshot of the Xray which has Villanueva, Sofia and T's teeth (he is keeping the baby teeth which fell off sometime last week) covering my birth date. 

Looking forward to having the mefenamic acid assuage the pain while still being productive. Always grateful for family, good food (which am not always able to photograph) and space. 

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