By Almondblossom

Waterloo [before] sunset

I’m at my mum’s in Dorset now after a long and enjoyable train journey. She is moving next Monday so I thought I might blip our progress over the two weeks I’m here. We shall see if I stick to the plan… There’s a lot to do still, wish us luck dear blippers!

I missed my connection at Waterloo so had to wait a hour but I do love a train station with seats above the concourse, it’s always very entertaining. Thankfully Foyles was closed for a refurb so I didn’t fall for any new books.
Not that I need yet another one since I’ve decided to reread The Amber Spyglass after binge-watching the final three episodes of His Dark Materials on BBC1. I was sceptical about the adaptation during season 1 but it’s got better as the years have passed and this series has been astoundingly good so rereading is a no brainer. We’re all big Philip Pullman fans and these books have a very special place in our family.

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