By JeanSnaps


It's been non-stop wind and, as a result pretty chilly. Did a bit of tidying, Danielle and her sister came about lunch time. They want to clean together and are starting mid February so we'll see how it goes. I couldn't go anywhere as the car was at Alan's so, for a blip, I had to do my best in the garden.  Everything was being blown around like mad and not many birds were coming to the feeders so I did my best with the aconites.  Spent ages online looking at bed chairs. At the moment I have a futon but it's quite heavy and a bit awkward.  Maybe I should get rid of it first.  That would concentrate the mind.  Colin brought my car round after five which was great. I've run out of bread so shall go up to the Pillars first thing in the morning.  I do hope the wind goes down by tomorrow. 

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