Arnside and beyond

By gladders


I don't know if this was the best shot of the day amongst all the photos of highlanders, ducklings, swans and herons, but the light on the rippled water behind the perched heron was quite special. And besides, the herons around Arnside and Sandside are very flighty, it's not often that I can get close enough for a reasonable shot. And the grey heron was the tweet of the day on Radio 4 in the wonderful series being broadcast each morning just before 0600 hours.

This was on Gus's last walk of the day, a quick stroll to the rabbit field to sprint off some excess energy (his, not mine), and then a slow stroll back enjoying the play of the evening light on the water and the piping of oystercatchers in the background.

Still no news from Salisbury, 5 days overdue.

I did have one piece of very good news, though...more of that anon.

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