By hazelh

The last of the Pedro Ximénez Solara 1918 sherry

We keep a couple of bottles of decent sherry at the bottom of our kitchen cupboard, mainly for cooking. Until very recently, however, we would rarely consume sherry as a drink. A change has come about in our drinking habits since Jon introduced us to Pedro Ximénez Solara 1918 as a digestif on Christmas Day 2022. It really is absolutely delicious. We have finished off the bottle over the past couple of weeks by serving it as an apératif on Friday nights.

We were very sorry to come to the end of the bottle this evening, although the tiny quantities did give us a chance to use the dinkiest glassware in our china cabinet, as blipped. Afterwards we played three games of Catan (two wins for me, one for Mr hazelh), and feasted on the mushroom and pomegranate stew and individual chocolate puddings that I prepared this afternoon.

Also today I rode my exercise bike, went to the gym for a pilates class and a swim, and walked round to LIDL with Mr hazelh for the second supermarket shop of the week (on Friday rather than Thursday because we went to Kelso yesterday).

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike; pilates class, swim (30 lengths), walking (13,935 steps).

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