By Schoenies

The owl saga continues...

On 31 January I posted the story of my hitting an owl ( a juvenile Spotted Eagle Owl) while driving. I picked it up and took it home, but luckily it seemed to recover, and flew away.
Since then I have seen it a couple of times during the day, but not flying far, and sitting on the roadside. Today it was in my neighbour's garden and not moving away. We contacted the person who recues and treats owls and  he came to see it. Sadly he said it had the symptoms of  secondary poisoning. He has an ongoing battle with people putting rodent poison down, and then the owls eat the poisoned rodents. That is why it made no attempt to fly away when it saw my car approaching. Fortunately he said he was sure it would be ok after treatment ( Vit K  for the hemorrhaging and building up its strength) He hopes to release it in a few days time with other owls ready for release. 
I feel relieved that there is a good ending to my story.
The photo is of a favourite wooden owl carving, appropriate for today's blip.
Today was very hot, no wind - we needed a breeze to cool the air...are we ever satisfied?
After church we went to a restaurant  for breakfast and then visited friends before having a quiet afternoon with sister M visiting.

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