By rainie

Tiny Cones

These five wee cones were collected by Lexi when she was here, quite naturally she wasn't able to take them home.  I think they came from Hanmer forest.  They have sat on the window sill, used today for the theme "smooth/rough/uneven"...there is a bit of everything, the bench is smooth, the cones are very rough and uneven as well.
We were invited over to our lovely neighbours this morning for coffee and carrot cake.  They are much younger than us, but beautiful people, so generous and friendly.  With Christmas holidays we hadn't seen them so there was much to talk about.  Then a walk around their property of olives, hazel nuts trees with truffles in their root system.  Their orchard is producing lots of fruits, we came home with a bag of goodies.   

Another scorcher again, 30 deg.....almost getting used to them !!  

More photo editing this afternoon, sadly my battery was flat in my mouse, and no replacement.  Amazingly, I did manage to use the pad successfully after I got the hang of it.  Struggled with cloning though, but got there.


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