Everybody’s gone surfing…….

We are all missing Boy around the house.

Tis very quiet and there is much more space.

He is having a whale of a time in Costa Rica. My blip courtesy of him - have you ever seen anyone look so much like a surfer dude in your life!

Boy is not know for flexibility; determination, yes, stubbornness, yes; grit, yes; persistence, yes. flexibility. No. But he repeated and practised and managed to get up on the board. Yay. Go dude

We have been binge watching season two of Happy Valley…. We watched it years ago and caught up on season one a month ago… and wanted to refresh ourselves before season three

Poor Boy called tonight 10 minutes before the end … and we made him sit with us while we watched the end and before any of us spoke to him. (Other than shout hurried responses to ‘who is that. .. what are they doing’

Good fun! Roll on the weekend and Season Three

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