Onwards and upwards....

By Yana1

2966. New knitting project

Following on from my holiday knitting project, I decided that I really do want a string type bag to use every day…one I can keep in my handbag for occasional use.  I bought this pretty blue yarn that looks like string but isn’t, whilst we were in Dundee.  I am following the actual pattern this time and it’s much easier to work than the very thick yarn I used on holiday.

We were both at the dentist and the hygienist this morning at 8:30 so an early start followed by a quick trip to Tesco to return something and to buy something (which they didn’t have) and now home having a cuppa.

My dentist is delighted with my teeth, as am I and only another few weeks of wearing the retainer during the day, after which I only have to wear it at night.  I am also going to try the teeth whitening treatment at home as it was part of my original treatment programme so I might as well take advantage of it!

I have started one of my #artandfoundday paintings, just a tiny canvas and I think I’m going to manage two this year rather than the three as I don’t think I have time to do three in a month!  The actual date is the 12th March which is a Sunday so I’m going to leave my paintings out on the Saturday, probably in town.  The idea is to wrap the paintings and leave a tag on them marked with the #artandfoundday tag and a note saying, “please feel free to take me home”.  I did photos last year but decided to do a couple of paintings this year.

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