By Mrsmacdub

Anticipating …

… the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Gabrielle

This is another late posting.

Our friend from the UK finally made it to Auckland and he turned up at our place having caught the bus from the CBD.  It was great to spend time with him and catch up on his news.  We had breakfast and lunch, then mid-afternoon the three of us drove into the CBD to pick up our other two friends and bring them back to our place.  We were able to show them a little of the area in which we live on the way home.  We had an enjoyable afternoon, then MrMacD and I prepared dinner.  We had anticipated they might like some home-cooked food, so we cooked salmon, smash, beans and carrots and I made a big coleslaw.  The food was delicious, if I do say so myself, and we had a really lovely time together eating, drinking wine and chatting.  We finally drove the three of them back into the CBD not knowing what tomorrow might bring.

On the way home we stopped in Mission Bay as the fountain was working and I needed a blip.

Apologies for still lagging way behind checking into blippers journals. I’ll pop in for a visit soon when I get my focus back and we don’t have friends to entertain.

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