Bamboo Rice Snack

I came out of English class to see a bowl of sweet, sticky rice on the table. I immediately realized I missed a great blip opportunity. So I ran to the trashcan and pulled out the bamboo stocks that this rice had been scooped out of. (They were in a bag on top, so completely clean, no worries.)

The students who had worked so hard at getting the rice out of the bamboo laughed as I got a spoon to stick some of the rice back into the bamboo. This was, of course, necessary to get a proper picture. :)

The rice is mixed with coconut milk, red beans, and a little bit of sugar then cooked in hollow bamboo stocks with bamboo chunks used as stoppers to keep the mixture inside. It makes for a transportable, yummy snack. Sometimes red rice is used (like in this shot), but sometimes it's white rice. Sometimes taro, corn, and/or black beans are mixed in as well.

After the photo shoot, I scooped the rice back into the bowl, disposed of the bamboo one more time, and headed back to English class.

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