Back to the Marsh....

Another beautiful would think it was spring! 

Lots of water fowl action at the marsh. It was feeding time ..lots of diving for goodies...( extra) ..and also lots of competition..little spats..ducks miffed at swans for feasting in their territory...It was great fun to watch the swans doing those "handstands" with their butts in the air.. the perfect target for angry ducks! I tried my best to catch the moment when a duck poked a swan in the butt, but it happened so fast I just could not! 

The late afternoon sun was pretty bright..too bright at times for my iPhone when it was reflecting on the water.. I loved the silhouetted ducks gliding around on the jewel-like glitter..but I think I have to learn more about my iPhone camera  before I can really capture it well..but I tried.. 

News of the day: the house next door sold after only 4 days on the market...I will have new neighbours in March!

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