By Marionb

Temperatures Plummeting

(Two backflips today...geez..will I now be able stay caught up? )

Those mild spring-like days couldn't last forever...It was a frosty morn today for going to watch the sunrise, but I did..and yes, it was cold, much too cold to hang around and try for the perfect sunrise photo. In fact, the best view this morning was behind me...

Valentine's Day and I did not send a single card...I really need to get back to my card-making hobby...I have not even sent birthday cards this past year - just emails or texts. I am slipping..... I do miss the days of hand-written letters and personal cards - a sign that I am getting old I guess -  but doing that takes time, effort and forethought, and technology has given us a much easier and faster way to communicate... especially for last-minute pressure to get that card or letter in the mail ahead of the event! So..there is an upside and I took advantage of it...It was "Happy Valentine's Day" send!  Repeat. 


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