By Marionb

Love the Socks!

Tonight I ventured out in a blizzard to attend an art talk at the library. The curator of our local Station Gallery, in honour of Black Heritage Month, was presenting an illustrated talk exploring " the vibrant visual culture of Africa, the Caribbean and their respective diaspora communities around the globe".

He had chosen 10 artists to introduce to us and along with a brief description of their backgrounds, careers and the impact they made, he played video clips from interviews and feature films and showed slides of their artwork. (extra) 

The final artist that he presented was Basquiat, of whom he was obviously a fan, as to conclude, he rolled up his pants to show us his favourite art-socks - they matched the image he had chosen for the last slide of the evening. (main)

I, for one, learned a lot  and when I got home, I went directly to Hoopla and  "borrowed" and watched the film Jean-Michel Basquiat:The Radiant Child" . Fascinating...Tomorrow I will look up another of the artists online  to get more of their backstory...I love things that lead me to other things...

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