By Marionb

The Day After..

....The Storm, and there is still snow! Drat! It has not melted and it is still cold! Maybe this means that winter is back? Oh, how I already miss those mild days.... 

I could see this morning that the sunrise might be blip-worthy but I was not interested in venturing out, so took a shot from my driveway! After that, I didn't go back out except to pickup a few groceries and, of course, to fill the ever-emptying bird feeders..

While out in my front yard attending to hungry birds, I ran into my new next door neighbour Mark as he was out shoveling snow, and discovered that he and his wife are expecting a baby in May!  Let the bells ring out;  let the banners fly! What great news! We have not seen much of the couple since they moved in as they both work and have also been absorbed in major renovations to the house; none of us had had noticed that there was a pregnancy! So, now the baby/toddler count in our neighbourhood  will soon be 5!

For so long we had no children on our street; ours had all grown up and moved away, but now we can look forward to watching  a whole new generation start their lives right here on our street ... Déjà vu all over again! 

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