By Marionb


..coming soon ... and I just bought tickets.. for me and my brother and sister....

Maggie can't go; the website said that we cannot bring our cats; Only cats who are "registered" are allowed in....I guess they mean for the competitions? Maggie is not a competitive cat.... heh heh.

It is just as well that she can't come...She has never seemed to be interested in high fashion..(she has adamantly refused to wear the rhinestone collar I gave her when she came here to her forever home), but I fear that if she saw what other cats are wearing, this might become an issue..and then the vendor stalls...Yikes...all those designer accessories ...fancy harnesses and leashes, bejewelled carrying cases, luxurious lounging cushions, and of course, promos for spa treatments - at an actual spa - and grooming sessions...Oh my - a world she has never known and in the best interest of my bank account, that she never be introduced to! How fortunate that she is not allowed to attend! 

My brother, who is in the market for a cat and battling with the pros and cons of having one considering his attachment to his currently unscratched furniture and his itinerant lifestyle, will be on sensory overload and ever so tempted to ignore the cons...we will have to keep him in check! 

Stay tuned.. in a couple of weeks, I hope to have loads of cat photos to blip !

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