By Marionb

Three Bags Full....

..and so ends my shredding marathon. All my files have now been weeded and the papers for which there was no room in the files are now filed! Whew! 

As I was nosing through my writing desk looking for more things to throw out, I came across some fun writing things that I had totally forgotten about...a package of writing paper decorated with blue toile with matching envelopes, a packet of hand-made paper and envelopes and a basket of some fun writing accessories gathered as travel souvenirs or received as gifts...(extra)..back in the day when people actually wrote letters by hand! Oh how times have changed...How nostalgic! I thought that as a new project, maybe I could at least try to write some letters..and even use the wax and stamp set? Imagine that...

My entire day was pretty much focused on paper..hence these photos.. nothing exotic.. no sunrise, no deer, birds or flowers..just paper. 

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