I Witness

By KangaZu

Sunday ...

... walk.

We had a slight change of plans today as unfortunately R has tested positive again.  But we still had a nice walk at Housenick and our shopping was shelved for the time being.  

While out at Housenick I walked into this field looking for the daffodils that usually pop here.  I didn't see any daffs quite yet but I did see a fox at the other end of the field ... do you see him/her?   There was also a lovely black cat in this same location that I will worry about now.  Perhaps the cat and the fox have a symbiotic relationship as neither one of them reacted to the other.  

We returned home after the walk and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  R grilled a delicious New York strip steak for supper whilst I roasted some cauliflower to go along with it.  There was also a salad consumed. Yum!!

Aside from the positive test results we had a lovely Sunday.

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