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This weather is too dreary for words - grey drizzle all day, a tiny glimpse of blue to the east of us just before dusk, and rain to finish with, as we emerged from choir practice. I would happily have avoided looking at it for an hour longer, but Himself had a dental appointment and brought my tea early, so that was me awake. I took the opportunity of the extra time to pop down to my bank (yes, we still have a branch despite the closure of some others) for the first time in ages to talk about the best uses of multiple accounts. It was rather jolly, as the woman behind the counter was a girl when I first started using the Bank of Scotland and knows me well, and another member of the staff turned out to be someone I've met since Covid, so we were all involved until another customer arrived. 

Di was in for coffee, and what might have been a peaceful conversation turned into an escalating discussion of politics involving Himself as well. I don't know why I bother taking any part in such discussion, as there's never any resolution nor is there likely to be one. Used to be that sex, religion and politics were the forbidden topics in polite company, and now they're all wrapped up together - and the current hot topic of the Wee Frees was one of the things we actually agreed about. 

During all this, I had my latest sourdough bread on the go; suffice it to say I think my starter may have died and that the two resultant loaves would make decent cannon balls. Quite tasty, but not what I had in mind. 

Choir practice had a missing soprano and the hard news that one of our alto tenors is leaving the area. A choir of eight cannot lose anyone without a palpable gap, though happily we think we have a rescuer in the shape of an excellent musician who until now has had too many commitments to join us other than in deep emergencies. Fingers crossed ...

I've been watching some interesting and harrowing programmes on Ukraine. These soldiers, these civilians turned soldiers, these paramedics and front line doctors, these mothers and grandmothers - what people! What courage, what resolve, what cheerfulness in the face of danger. I take my hat off to them all. 

Afraid I'm blipping my dinner today - didn't have any other photos or occasion to take any. It's a variant on pasta Norma, with aubergine and anchovies, onion, tomatoes and garlic, and it was jolly fine.

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