My day

By 59

Wide Wednesday

I had a busy day and now it’s time for bed. Unfortunately I have no photos so will post this painting done by my sister hanging over our bed. I love it.

When we bought this house the main bedroom had this dark blue wall. I wasn’t sure if I liked it but after many years have grown accustomed to it now. Only one wall is blue. The front bedroom had lilac walls which didn’t last a week. The third bedroom was pale green. So the names are the main bedroom, the front bedroom and the green bedroom. It’s interesting how you name parts of the house. We have never named our house, car or any appliance. Our relatives have names for all their possessions which is amusing.

I did two sessions in the garden enjoying the cooler weather. Went walking, school pickup and now have the kids here for the night. I made them pizza for dinner and pancakes (pancake Wednesday).

Today is 9 years since I posted my first blip. I have missed a few days so officially I don’t register until March. I purposely missed a few so I didn’t feel pressured into having to blip every day. Now I do it because I want to.

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