By Majoayee

A celebratory blip!

A lovely day with youngest.  We started by watching her dance to the sugar plum fairy! Then we were off to Lidl for a shop! She sat in the trolley and pointed out things we should buy!  Baby carrots, baby corn, pistachios etc.
We had trouble getting her out ! 

We had promised lunch in the Morrison cafe !  She chose a ham sandwich ,  it was full of thick pieces of ham! Delicious!  A satsuma and a chocolate milk drink! As she was still hungry we each had a cake! She chose a meringue but only ate half and the strawberry!  

Home for a short rest and back out to the swings.  She loved the zip wire! 

Now we are all watching Fantasia.   Such a wonderful film especially when you consider it was made in the 1940s.  Before Ro and I were born, when each frame had to be drawn! I’m in real admiration of those animators.

Tomorrow we have eldest! 

This blip is for the 400 th  Abstract Thursday! Celebration!  Not quite a mono! But celebratory I hope ! Thank you Inge for all the hosting you do! Xxx

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