By Veronica


The day started off virtuously, a run for S and yoga class for me. The yoga was less strenuous than last week, but involved holding various muscle-stretching positions for long periods, so I still felt as if I'd had a workout. We convened in the Cafe Lisboa afterwards for a cup of their excellent coffee, but no food as it was nearly 12 by now and we'd decided to lunch out.

And the Balcon de Cotobro it was, finally -- we've held out for over three weeks. On the way down dark clouds loomed and we worried it would be too cold to sit outside, but by the time we got there 20 minutes later the sky had cleared and we sat on the sheltered part of the terrace with a sea view.. We ordered the sharing plate of tapas to start. Yes, we already knew it was enormous, so we chose a light main course of sea bass and vegetables to share. Even then we felt too full to even consider dessert.

We worked some of it off hiking up the hill again -- it was after four by the time we got back so we didn't feel obliged to do anything except flop.

This evening S went out to an early evening blues concert ("An OAP special", he reported) while I zoomed with my sisters. We'd considered a late trip to the Pajaritos since it's Friday, but in the end felt too sated to bother. Also our companions in bar-crawling S and T are in Seville for the weekend. So a quiet evening in.

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