While on my runs

By waipushrink

The reason they had to go

Although I am not confined to home, not being able to drive, lift heavy things, get my chest wet, and so on, encourages sitting with an e-book reading. Until I'm a little more accustomed to this thing and more relaxed about it I am unwilling to go for brisk walks or jogging. Therefore my photos come from wandering around the property and trying to see what might be interesting.

Today's Blip shows the stumps of the two big Kanuka closest to the house. Both were very tall, and bending over the house. Large roots have been exposed by erosion as the pong log retaining wall basically stopped retaining.

Yesterday’s deluge was about 130 mm. On top of the rain river followed by the cyclone, it is no wonder that a major caution went out. 

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