Saved from the chipper

When the arborists had felled all that they were going to, they asked if we wanted any firewood. We have no fireplace in our house. Our neighbour does. He granted permission for the arborists to have the chipper on his driveway, so I asked if he wanted the kanuka. He said yes and they proceeded to cut the kanuka into short blocks. I 'rescued' four of the blocks for us to use in some way in our garden developments. My blip is of the biggest one.

I have to be careful at the moment as I have little discomfort from Friday's procedure and haven't noticed any interventions by the pacemaker (they did tell me I probably wouldn't). I mustn't lift heavy weights with my left arm, nor raise my left elbow above shoulder height (for about four weeks). In a way it is good that I had the fractured clavicle last year as I became very accustomed to not using my left arm very much. I've slipped back into that mode.

Visited by daughters and Young L. Lovely cheese scones baked by S for afternoon tea. Coffee. After they all left, I have returned to the paper for my class reunion, and have got a first draft. Sent it to Tsuken for his comments.

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