While on my runs

By waipushrink

Entry to the upper gardens

An energy sapping day meant that I was not interested in a walk when I got home; with added discouragement from the cold rain that started as I arrived.

I have enjoyed both the creation of a middle garden and an upper garden out of where crumbling ponga logs were no longer preventing the bank from gradually subsiding onto a narrow path by the house. Two steps up to the lower garden (mostly to the right of the steps), with slate tiles leading the way up and left to the middle garden (producing rhubarb and tomatoes currently) while circular steps (cut from the trunk of a large Kanuka that had to be felled to protect the house) wind steeply up to the upper garden.

In the left planter pot is our lemon tree repotted yesterday with fertiliser and welcome rain, and in the right pot is a lime tree.

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