By Ingleman

Frigid Air

Our daughter and her housemate came again this weekend, with Vixen the Doberman

There was an atmosphere, glares and clipped conversation. 


I went out for a walk and on my return apologies were made and apparently it was 'all a misunderstanding'

Thank goodness, air cleared and all was well. 

D, her friend, has finished the job he started last weekend, making alterations in the kitchen to accommodate our upright freezer. He did good, it looks great and he has handcrafted new shelves and refashioned the  architrave

Very happy. 

Thank you to all who voiced concern about my hand injury yesterday. I declined to post pictures, there was a lot of scarlet!

I had grasped some deadwood to clear an area and got a shard of wood straight through my thumb.

In respect of pain I have variously groaned (stubbed toe) sworn ( bashed knee) shrieked as a boy ( hand slammed in car door) and screamed (perforated bowel) and yelled out loud (zippermedoodah) but I am confident in claiming that yesterday was the first time I have ever whimpered.

Thankfully Mrs I tended to me, cleaned and dressed the wound, patted my hand with a "there there" which elicited further whimpering and now all is well in the world of Ingleman.

Thanks for being there, my blip friends. Such a nice bunch of people! 

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