By Ingleman

Off Roaders

I doubt if the driver had this in mind when he decided to buy an off road vehicle. 

We saw this overturned car on the way to Kidderminster. To buy a sofa bed. We came home with a wardrobe and a dining table. 

Go figure, as they say in the States 

For the record, it is (was) a Land Rover Velar R-Dyn.

August 2022.

£70, 000+

We don't know anything about what happened. There are skid marks thirty yards before the crash site. Clearly a swerve, over correction. The gaping hole in the hedge, the uprooted telegraph pole, the power lines down, all suggest a catastrophic event. I suspect the car somersaulted as it is facing the opposite way to the direction of travel.

There was no blood, no signs of another vehicle being involved. 

No news in the paper or online. 

Curiouser and curiouser. 

I just pray no one is seriously hurt. 

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